Arnett Sport Kung Fu is a new style of Tournament fighting from the teachings of the old Shaolin Temple.

Master Anthony Arnett is a disciple of Grandmaster William Cheung since 1983. He is a champion in Full Contact Kung Fu, sparring and open tournament fighting. As a Tournament competitor he has over 23 years on 13 circuits and is considered to be William Cheung’s top fighter in the U.S having won over 4,000 trophies.  He currently teaches his acclaimed style of Kung Fu in his Jacksonville martial arts studio, in the heart of the city.

All this experience has led Master Arnett to this evolution in sparring.  Master Arnett explains that Sport Kung Fu “is fast and furious with no boundaries or restrictions.” He explains further “You can’t fight everyone the same way because everyone is different. You must be versatile.” Also Arnett Sport Kung Fu is not afraid to explore the realm of creativity. All styles have punches, kicks, and take downs, but we have a unique blend that seems to defy gravity and reason. With this style you can surprise your opponent with a fresh new approach to tournament fighting. Most styles fit the student to its structure, our style fits the structure to the student.