Self defense classes and techniques are an important aspect of Jacksonville’s Arnett Sport Kung Fu Academy’s curriculum. Self-defense combat is one of the well-known aspects of any type of martial arts and many schools teach self-defense in its various guises; for example self-defense for women, self-defense for kids, self-defense manuals, etc. With all of these types of classes, the aim is to empower its students both physically and mentally.

SKFAJAX’s is no different; however, we believe that learning self-defense techniques through Wing Chun Kung Fu is much more effective than short self-defense lessons. Unlike these boilerplate self-defense programs taught by many schools, students of SKFAJAX are presented with many scenarios which can prepare them for many forms of attack. It is with Wing Chun Kung Fu lessons that students are more prepared in the real world to look after themselves and their loved ones if physical danger arises.

Self Defense Classes Jacksonville FL